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What are you offering?

We are destination wedding photographers and videographers. However we consider ourselves also as tour guides and consultants for your trip. This means that we will provide valuable tips for a trip to Northern Norway, Iceland Faroe Island etc. And also during the stay we will be helping to you organize all you need to get there and get around. We are not actually wedding event planners as such.

Our scope of services is to help organize everything around a destination wedding shootings. Including everything from helping with getting transportation and detailed travel plans organized. We help to recommend hotels, rental car companies and the like. Furthermore we help organizing specials like private ice cave tours, helicopter flights or glacier tours.

How much are your services and when are you available?

This is a very individual offer, so we recommend to get in touch with us by E-Mail or phone. Just send us a message to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call us at +49 176 60001334.

We are in general available throughout the year.

What are the best travel dates?

We will be available for your dream wedding pictures and films whenever you are requiring our services. Best time to shoot in the arctic in our perspective is in winter. Beautiful light for a very long time. In the night you have the possibility to see the elusive Aurora Borealis. Best time in winter is mid November to mid December and  mid January to mid February.

For which locations can you be booked?

We can be booked world-wide. However we specialized in wedding shootings in Norway, Iceland and Faroe Islands. Our most favorite locations are basically all Iceland and Lofoten/Tromso/Senja in Norway. On top we just added the magical Faroe Islands to our portfolio.

Will it be cold? Will we freeze?

Well – the arctic is a cold and harsh place. However in our prime locations in Iceland and Lofoten, Norway it won’t be as cold as you might think. Iceland and Lofoten are influenced by the gulf stream pumping warm water from the gulf of Mexico into the arctic. Temperatures are much warmer than incomparable places. Still you can expect temperatures below zero.

When you book us, we will consult you on the appropriate clothing and foot wear.

When shooting, we will make your stay as comfortable as possible. Reducing the time in the cold as much as possible.

What is the scope of your work?

Our main objective is to make sure that we shoot your dream pictures and film. However there is more. We will help you plan your trip. And this goes beyond the photo and video shoot. We can also give you valuable tips for the remaining journey.

When you book us, we will arrange everything for the shooting days. This will include pick-up in the morning, arrangement of meals/refreshments to the drop off in the evening.

What about Northern Lights? We want such magical pictures!

The Northern Lights are an amazing show. On clear days it can be observed and is just a moment to remember for your lifetime.

Part of our package is to give you the northern lights experience. With many years of northern lights hunting, we can increase the chances to have your dream pictures under this magical show.

Please note that the northern lights are depending on weather and activity. It is a natural phenomenon that is not under our control. However we will do our best to drive you to the spots with clear skies.

Northern Lights season is between September and April.

What will we get in terms of pictures and film

This depends on your needs. Typically we provide you a certain amount of edited pictures and a highlight film of about 3-5 minutes.

On top of that we can provide you with all pictures from the shoot unedited.

We also provide albums and prints after the shooting as an add-on.